I Coach My Clients Out of a Lifestyle of Deprivation!

Are You Over 40 and Struggle With Weight or Vitality Issues!?

I help folks over 40 who struggle with excess fat (weight) and vitality issues and want to improve their well-being through targeted nutrition and exercise.

Stop GUESSING about diet and exercise. Target YOUR body’s genetic design!

Are you totally frustrated!?

Have you tried everything and not found a sustainable, healthy lifestyle?

Have you taken on the diet your friend was on? They lost weight, and you gained 10 pounds.

Have you lived at the gym trying everything, and your body has not changed?

Have you spent hours researching the best supplements but wonder if they work?

Have you found whole capsules in the toilet? (Flushing dollars down the drain!)

Are you confused and want to know what is best for you?

Eliminate Guessing About:

Exercise plans

Foods TO eat and Foods NOT to eat

Inflammation response

Vitamin intake

Sensitivity to caffeine

Response to folic acid


Welcome: I'm Ranger Mike

I’m Mike Ellerkamp, lovingly referred to as “Ranger” Mike. I am 72 years young, a husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather! The moniker is a holdover from my military service, where I served with the Rangers. I have not always struggled with that Big Barrel Belly you see in the image at right, taken in 2015.

I let myself go! I was drinking too much, had no discipline regarding my diet, and rarely exercised. Although I do not have a measurement to verify, my guess is that I’m about 40 inches at my waist! I’m 5′-9″!

I was not sleeping well, frequently out of breath, and I did not care! I was miserable and finally admitted it to myself—it was time to make a change.

By 2017, I had begun walking regularly and tried different sorts of diets, guessing mostly about how to “lose weight.” The thing was, I lost “weight” but not the belly, which was really frustrating! This meant that I was shedding lean muscle mass—NOT FAT!

At my age, that is counterproductive!

In 2022, I was introduced to a way to design a nutrition and exercise regimen based on my DNA, a program based on my unique life

I am eating more food, more often. But it is the food that works in my body. I exercise for about an hour daily, 30 minutes endurance (bike ride normally), and 30 minutes strength (a calisthenics routine) because that is the most efficient exercise program for my genetics.

I have shed over 4 inches from my waist and am getting to a healthy weight again with a slow, steady increase in lean muscle mass.   

The DNA-based, personalized program targets straight to your unique body design—no more one-size-fits-all approach. 

Introducing DNA-Based Personalized Nutrition Coaching

Health and wellness don’t have one-size-fits-all solutions. The key to this targeted approach is our DNA test, which is specifically designed to report your genetic design for nutrition and exercise. Your body’s Service Manual!

Tailoring your health plan to your unique DNA ensures the most effective approach for YOUR body. Based on this, we can design a personalized diet and exercise program that is targeted to your genetic design

Saving you time and money!

Say goodbye to the uncertainty of what works and what doesn’t.

No more tracking points, counting calories, or restricting yourself to specific diets like low carb, no carb, low fat, or high fat.

Your DNA contains all the answers for your well-being. The key is in your hands.

Are you ready to eliminate guesswork and discover answers tailored specifically to your body?

Getting Started on Your

Personalized DNA Plan

STEP1: Free Consultation

Book a complimentary consultation with Ranger Mike to explore your wellness journey. Discover how a simple DNA test can assist you in reaching your goals.


Easily conduct your DNA test in the convenience of your home with a simple cheek swab. Receive your comprehensive 40+ page report in just six weeks.


This assessment is based on 13,000 peer reviewed research articles and takes into affect your lifestyle, environment, medical conditions, and your medications.


In a one-hour consultation, you'll receive a personalized wellness plan crafted to meet the specific needs of your body and align with your lifestyle.