My Simple Little Rule Story – Searching for Truth

Beginning the Search

Many years ago, Mike Ellerkamp had an experience that significantly changed his life. He was attending a Bible Church where the scriptures were taught word by word from the original Greek and Hebrew. He was deeply involved in this church, and loved the Word as it was being taught, he just couldn’t get enough…

In 1983 The Pastor said something truly despicable, even though, at that moment Mike was not really aware of it—his Spirit knew instantly, however. Weeks passed before he realized that the talk of Apartheid (an Afrikaans word meaning “the state of being apart”, “literally “apart-hood”) was a system of legal segregation in South Africa. Although the statement made by the Pastor was the pastor’s “personal point of view” Ellerkamp’s whole life exploded!  “How could a person of Spirit say such a thing?” he thought. Mike was brought up in the South. He had experienced segregation first hand—and could not comprehend why one set of people would believe that they were somehow inherently better than another set of people! This philosophy never made any sense to him—NEVER EVER…

Healing golden orb energy hands

The Journey

Even though Mike was not totally aware, those 30+ years ago, that event set him on the journey that has led him to tell the story of his search and discoveries for Truth. Over the years he would find himself wanting to publish. (He had been writing most of his life.) Circumstances would inevitably, always, interfere. Mike would sabotage himself and the desire would be beat down to an ember—but it never went completely out.

Years later, the ember would find fuel again in his studies, and again become the flame of desire—only to be beat down, yet again. He found himself here again, and several things have coalesced: timing, research, new understanding, his age and most importantly he found his voice!

Searching for Truth

If you know Mike Ellerkamp, you know that he is constantly reading. He loves to study history, mythology and the ancient scriptures. He likes science, philosophy, sociology and business too – it’s weird, but true. In the various resources that he has read since that momentous day Mike believes he has discovered a thread. A Spiritual Thread. The Universal Consciousness has laid it out for him. Scripture and Wisdom texts throughout time have advised us to seek the Truth. At first Mike just wanted to prove the Bible was irrelevant – but came to realize that it was just one of many similar versions of the same relevant story. And that was the puzzle!

Mike’s Reality

Mike was seeking the TRUTH, on his own (after the Apartheid moment he didn’t trust anyone else, anymore), with his perspective (brought me the most clarity and I could look wherever I wanted), through his reality.

What is his reality? You may ask.

Military Service is part of Ellerkamp’s reality. He served in two branches of the military, actually – the Air Force and the Army. Today, he would admit that his intentions at the time weren’t always as noble as he’d like to believe they would be today. But the Universe had a hand in directing his life. Mike has come to understand that now. He sees the purpose his path played in his belief system and understanding. It all works together for the GOOD!

While in the Army Mike Ellerkamp served with the First Battalion, 75th Infantry— RANGERS. He was Jump and Jump Master qualified, RANGER qualified and eventually served as RANGER Instructor at Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Mike made about 60 jumps during his military experience; most of them were with equipment and at night.

Because of his service, Mike has great compassion for our Military service people, Police and Firemen and women. They serve and often make the ultimate sacrifice in that service for others. There is no higher calling! There is no greater gift! This is the foundational principle we call the Golden Rule. Mike will tell you that he has come to understand that our Service is not only necessary, but also an important aspect of the Fundamental Principles.

Mike Ellerkamp, Army RANGER
Dede Wright

Important People in Mike’s Life

Mike’s wife, Mollie, is his constant support, and love of his life. Without Mollie’s we would not be this far into this project. Thank you Mollie!  Although they may swear it’s not true; Mike’s children Jeremy and Charmian are the most wondrous gifts he was blessed to have a part of.

Writers and teachers like Joseph Campbell, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Hawkins, Lao Tzu, and the Dali Lama, Jesus Christ, the Buddha and many, many others bring constant inspiration to Mike’s writing. Mike’s mother-in-law Dede Wright, who recently passed on to her better place, he says she was certainly an Angel incarnate. He could only hope to be more like her in every way.

Mike Ellerkamp has tried to reveal a little about himself. He wanted to show the struggle and search for Truth he pursued. His ultimate hope in writing, speaking and teaching is to lead others to the same harmony of life that he has so far experienced. The Universe will do the rest – he is but an instrument designed to encourage others in the Way of Truth.