April 6, 2017

Moderating Behavior – Golden Rule

Moderation, means first realizing that cooperative behavior is very beneficial for one’s personal growth, success and abundance. Once realized, we then need to go about discovering how to moderate behavior in our daily life.

The Golden Rule is the best route to creating cooperation and cohesion in our personal lives.  Our personal and global goal is to create cooperative, cohesive and harmonious environments. That goal woven together with the constant interactions with our peers. Humans are “super social” creatures. Our harmony demands that we live with and support others. Whatever we do will affect people across the planet. Furthermore, in today’s highly technical environment, this affect can be experienced almost instantly.

Moderation Rises in Importance

We are global at this point no matter how much politicians want to persuade us otherwise. Because of that globalization, moderation rises in importance. Our technological advances are out pacing our cultural advances. We can assimilate new ideas, but it takes much effort, an open mind, much cooperation and time. We are inventing tools that connect us almost immediately. One must realize that it is hard to hide anything anymore. As we continue to innovate, this connectedness will expand further. These innovations make our lives simultaneously easy and hard!

This sort of environment requires moderation. We must be wise to the changes taking place around us. Our best course of action is to learn and understand the world around us. Take an aggressive approach towards new ideas and other cultures. With the new understanding decide to be fair (justice) about these ideals. Convert learning and understanding into wisdom.


Keep the gears turning towards harmony

In an earlier post I referred the “power cycle” as the four step cycle—wisdom justice moderationcourage—operating correctly. Once we enter the power cycle we must exercise enough discipline to keep cycling through the new information.  Continually testing, weighing, deciding and embracing (or rejecting the “evil” meaning ideals or cultures that are out of alignment with the greater good and “should” be rejected) the new standards. But then, realizing that others may not be as far along a particular curve as we are, we “give” a little (moderation) while attempting to educate a little more to bring everyone one up to their pace and along their course.

Harmony the Light in the Room

Harmony, analogous with the light source. The Bible says you don’t put the candle in the middle of a room and then cover it with a pot; you let it light the room. Light is a substance that we can feel. Light creates heat. The sun would be a good example.  We can “feel” the heat of the sun; the brightness of the sun hurts our eyes. It has a presence among us even if we can only “feel” it. The opposite of this (often called evil in ancient texts) is the absence of the light, or darkness (the Dark Side of the Force).

Moderation shines through

Shine the light – conquer darkness.

The light (a source) overpowers the darkness (an absence of the source)—not the other way around. We may “feel” the coolness of a shady spot, but shade is not the source of the coolness. Instead, it is the absence of the heat from the rays of the sun. The shade (or darkness) is the lack of light, the result of an absence or blockage of the source, the light. Something must “get in the way!” The brighter the light, the less darkness; the more sources of light, the less darkness. Our purpose is to increase the light, the source, the harmony, the cooperative behavior, and to live with a cohesive mental attitude. Our purpose is to help others to understand the “Path,” to grow in harmony and confidence.

We must find a way to increase our light (harmony) so that its radiance affects our neighbors in a positive way, enhancing their harmony and further expanding their light and so on. This is the concept of the Golden Rule—the universal agape, or Love principle as in “Love thy neighbor as thyself” through the connection of universal consciousness.  However, Love cannot be forced or coerced, that is the catch. Remember the Golden Rule.  You probably do not want to be forced into something? Do not force others, either! Each Individual must expand this harmony (light source) independently through his/her own wisdom and free will.

Moderation Enhances Cooperation

Here is the paradox: The development of harmony within each individual, directed towards others. This is the key; that is what Jesus was trying to get across, what Buddhism is all about, what Krishna was trying to tell Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita. We must exercise free will as the force of change and given the opportunity, it will be. If, however, we attempt to force people into our way of thinking, we are taking two steps backwards. Therefore, we must moderate our interaction with our neighbors, take a middle ground, and attempt to understand another’s point of view.  Once that happens, we weigh those results against the highest cooperative behavior we can achieve. And then maximize our effort to enjoin maximum cohesion within our sphere of influence.

We must avoid the excess at either extreme. We should not be too soft⏤that thing called “political correctness”.  Also, we should avoid that thing known as radical extremism.  Our primary goal, couple wisdom with justice and then add in moderation remaining constantly within the middle of the Path. It is essential that we keep steering in order to keep from bouncing off the edges or crashing off course completely!