January 17, 2018

First Books Arrive!

The first books arrive! Monday morning I got the call: “delivery for Mr. Ellerkamp – 577 pounds on a pallet, I’m nearby, can I come now?” The driver asked me on the phone. The dispatcher had called me Thursday and indicated that delivery would be made between 1pm and 5pm on Monday… Would I take them early? OF COURSE!! At last: the books have arrived!

Books Arrive

First run offset print books arrive. Phase 2 begins.

But now what?

I know the answer to that question, phase two begins. Once the books arrive I know it is time to really double down on connecting with book stores, news outlets, newspapers and so on.

We made the official launch on the 8th of January to coincide with the offset printing schedule and shipping (5000 books). We had done the reviews, designed and redesigned the covers, and the interior and finally after 30 months: the books have arrived!

I’ve served in the military, attended some the the most difficult schools and been on difficult missions⏤I must say the process of getting these books to arrive has been one of the most trying experiences of my life.

Life Happens…

With a grinding process like publishing a book (first book) life happens: I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. That distracted me for several months as we met that challenge. We moved (again) to help my wife get closer to her work and reduce her stress as major road construction on her primary route made her commute often take more than an hour in either direction. I dealt with that distraction.

Also, the editing process took much longer than I anticipated. I was determined to create a great experience for my readers and sacrificed launch times for quality of product. We wanted reviews done⏤and that took longer and predicted. There were numerous delays and missteps with the publisher which caused some delays. But here we are: the books have arrived!

Developing a Culture of Harmony

Books Arrive

Cover for Book Two

And then there is the second book in the series: Developing a Culture of Harmony! I am 56,000 words into a 60,000 word manuscript for Book Two. My goal is to have that ready for editor by the end of February so that we can make a mid summer release of this book.  That work is progressing slowly right now because of the launch. But, I plan to segment my time now that we are over the big first of year push and get back on track there.

The process of writing and publishing a book is both thrilling and simultaneously terrifying! Because I am self published, everything sort of depends on my sense of business development. And make no mistake this is a business for me. Now that the books arrived the speaking aspect of this multifaceted business becomes much more important and some of my focus must be directed there as well.

It’s fun, I love it. I often tell people “Find the joy that resides within you… and then dwell there!” I’m there!