The Golden Rule Rediscovered

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  • “Mike’s byline is ‘Reciprocity Works!’ and as my coach, mentor and friend in developing the audience appeal and content focus of my second book, he has delivered in spades! His educational approach tempered with patience, humor and encouragement makes working with him a real pleasure. Experiencing the results of his input and influence make the journey that much less difficult and the results that much more satisfying.”

    – Hiett Ives, B2B Marketing and Author
  • Mike… “has mapped out where The Rule has appeared throughout most human systems of community, religions, and foundations of law throughout history. It is also infectious. When we live a life of caring for others as we would like to be cared for, life is better for everyone.”

    – Steve Saunders, Amazon Review
  • Ellerkamp…”hopes that the readers will experience happiness, fulfillment and prosperity and create a healthier environment for themselves and a better future for their children.”

    – Online Book Club Review
  • “Delivery is sincere and accessible, and the book may well serve as a useful reminder to many of the continued relevance of this ‘simple little rule.”

    – Blue Ink Reviews
  • “Ellerkamp “discusses how people can benefit by rediscovering the golden rule, or ‘law of reciprocity’, in today’s world.”

    – Kirkus Reviews
  • ” The Simple Little Rule delves beyond behavior modification to a deeper view of practical morality.”

    – Foreword Clarion Reviews

All over the world and within all cultures and religions, a profound tenet exists that supports a common connection among all peoples. In one phrasing or another, the spiritual principle known as the Golden Rule has been taught for centuries: “Do unto others as you would have them do to you.”

In The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered, author Mike Ellerkamp shares his spiritual, philosophical, and historical journey as he brings to life once again this simple yet profound rule. Not only showing how the Golden Rule became the centerpiece of philosophical teaching throughout the world in a specific historical moment in time, Ellerkamp expands on the Golden Rule with five supporting principles that enhance and enrich our lives as professed through the ages—principles of Wisdom, Justice, Moderation, Courage, and Discipline.

In today’s world climate, it is more important now than ever for us to rediscover this simple little rule. And because embracing the Golden Rule can change our present perceptions and motivate us to work to change our own futures, it makes the Golden Rule a simple little rule so powerful it could even change the world.

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