October 7, 2015


Having contact with Supreme, or discovering God or Creator. Through the ages in ancient texts and scriptures we have seen burning bushes, booming voices, angles, dreams, visions and a myriad of other forms of contact to bring legitimacy to our knowing Supreme presence. My theory, however, suggests that we are in constant contact because we are part and parcel to the Universal Consciousness. The knowledge of creation is within us and we innately know, but refuse to believe the vision we receive of our future.

Image of Galaxy

Beautiful Galaxy

We live in a physical universe, which means we must observe and abide my physical laws of that universe. However, with each generation we make improvements to our condition on this earth. There is no telling what a joining of our common resources would be capable of developing. By looking around at what we’ve accomplished even under great diversity and stress brings strong evidence that we gravitate to our ultimate end. Somehow, we have managed to create the most magnificent technology and resources, creating a tribute to our vast imagination and innovation capabilities. These advances are freeing us to achieve even greater advancements. Our intellect is our antenna linking us to Universal Consciousness. Some of us are more attuned than others. But each of us has a place as we each share in the whole of Universal Consciousness.

Universal Life

The more attuned each of us becomes to the Universal Life and this constant contact, the greater our advance will be. Therefore creating less chance for a digression. We would tend to consider our fellows as family and cohorts and would be more likely to defend and protect those among us who dwell with the Conscious state of unity. We create our space and our lives and our conditions and our worth. Likewise, we can alter outcomes with out it always resorting to violence. We make strides towards that end with every generation. We must however believe and understand that it is each individual’s responsibility to rise up and accept liberty and maintain the courage to carry the burden of liberty every day. Our place in the world is one of uniting with Universal Consciousness while supporting and fostering our rightful integrity for advancing the Universal Consciousness throughout the world.

We cannot force or coerce another to comply or agree. They must accept and agree on their own. It must be an individual’s volition, free will, deciding for supporting Fundamental Principles and Universal Consciousness. The only advance is by knowledgeable acceptance of the Truths of Universal Consciousness. As a result there is no advance if force is used. Advance will not happen if deceit is used. There is no advance if pressure is applied. In these cases we “break” the principle Wisdom. We each have the responsibility to realize, accept and pursue the truths. This is the teaching of JC and it has been corrupted by the politics of church. My father apparently understood this. I believe he tried to convey that message to me in his simple understanding of these Truths.

Cooperators Win

Constant Contact

Possible future citysacpe

Furthermore, advancing is important because we can speed the pace of our advance if we each find a way to cooperate. Or, we can fall again and slow the advance one more time. We choose – it is always our volition. It is our responsibility. This is the constant plea in the scriptures and ancient texts for faith or belief in God, or accepting Truth, or understanding Self, or realizing Consciousness or embracing the Supreme. It is always about our volition, about our choosing, about our intellect, about our wisdom. We are not always able to understand all of the world around us. However, we are learning machines and we can adapt very rapidly. As our technology continues to advance we must advance with it.

Fundamental Principles

This makes the Fundamental Principles an even more powerful tool as they help create a balancing system for life’s potential information overload. The first three principles are meant to operate in coordination with each other.

Wisdom – seek the truth, knowledge and understanding, couple that with experience. Then Weigh (Justice) the experience with truth, knowledge and understanding. Is it right for me (self) and at the same time right for you (my fellows). This must be the true response. I must not accept an outcome good for me and bad for them (means to end) and then I must have the courage to carry out my decision from step two. Without the courage to act (or avoid action) the first two steps are merely a waste of time. Consequently we might as well be grazing on the savanna or forest and take our chances with the elements. Discipline merely requires that we run this Think/Test/Act cycle over and over again and Moderation reminds us to aim for the Middle Way, do not be veering for the extremes. Stay in the middle – just right.