September 22, 2015

Entering on to The Path

In my blog The Path, I introduced some ideas about how we humans keep trending toward an individual state of freedom. When we consider history from the spiritual perspective as I have done, patterns begin to become evident. In the past, strong principled leaders were more inclined to allow and even protect average citizens to function in the society more freely and when that happened that community of people would usually perform better than the unprincipled tyrant enslaving his people and acting in an abusive fashion. The unprincipled tyrant quite frequently meets a dastardly end, too. These situations can be found throughout recorded history.

Image of signing of Magna Carta

King John signing Magna Carta, 1215CE.

As we progress in history as stated in earlier blogs we persistently move towards principles and systems of individual freedoms. As humans move up through history we have grasped the idea of individual liberties, we make a push, successes occur and then we relax and fall into tyrannical systems only to rise up again and recover our liberty. This cycle happens over and over again. Quite frequently, with the rise comes another expansion. The Magna Carta is perfect example of the this principle. It is true that it was written for the barons to usurp the tyranny of King John in the early 1200’s, however, this document sets up the foundation for the British legal system that later protects the rights of its citizens and leads to later discussions about Kings as divine or above the rest. And eventually a complete change in western society.

Nearly every doctrine written is directed toward the individual. The teaching of all the really important sages, philosophers, and prophets have been directed towards the individual.  We are supposed to have enough intelligence and responsibility to be self-directed with very limited control from outside ourselves. It is our responsibility to learn the set of guiding principles: each culture has produced these sets of principles, but all are fundamentally similar.

Systems based on virtues like trust, integrity, honesty and charity – always these rise out of the mist of history. We are supposed to understand these virtues, embrace these virtues, protect these virtues and in doing so protect our liberties, not only for ourselves but also for our progeny and our fellows. It is about each of us establishing our place in the scheme of our immediate sphere of influence. It is our responsibility to set the standard, respect the truth, create cooperation and harmony. If each of did this, think about where we would be in society.

Wisdom Guides The Path

We are taught to respect the word, live the truth, seek the truth, find the way, be at peace, seek harmony and on and on and on. Everywhere, you look all the way up to this day. The great life coaches still encourage us to believe in self. We must conceive to achieve. It is always about a personal mental attitude. We must wake up, take charge of our cognitive resources understand that the Supreme has created a way for us to make this happen; but it is for us to do.

Someone else cannot make it happen for you. When you deliver parts of your responsibility over to someone else you are eliminating little parts of your own liberty. These are the principles that we must bring back into our discussions and debates. We are handing our birthright away to others who may not actually have your best interests at heart.