July 1, 2015


What is skillfully established will not be uprooted;

What is skillfully grasped will not slip away.

Thus it is honored for generations.


Cultivate the inner self;

Its Power becomes real.

Cultivate the home;

Its Power becomes abundant.

Cultivate the community;

Its Power becomes greater.

Cultivate the organization;

Its Power becomes prolific.

Cultivate the world;

Its Power becomes universal.


Therefore through the inner self,

The inner self is conceived.

Through the home,

The home is conceived.

Through the community,

The community is conceived.

Through the organization,

The organization is conceived.

Through the world,

The world is conceived.

How do I know the world?

Through this.

Quoted from Tao Te Ching; Lao Tzu

Translation by R. L. Wing; from book titled: “The Tao of Power”.

universal view

Seeking Universal View


Lao Tzu, sixth century philosopher.

My Writing Begins


This Verse from the Tao Te Ching says so much to me about what my writing and teaching is all about. The passage begins with the individual and works its way up through family, community, organization, and then world. Whenever, wherever, these principles (The Fundamental Principles) are applied  WISDOM is enhanced. The Taoist principles express ideals relating to “the Way the Universe works.” This passage suggests that “Cultivating” that power, that potential, is life changing, life enhancing, from the Individual to the World.

There are hundreds of texts like this one; explaining “the Way the Universe works.” Lao Tzu was a philosopher of, most likely, the sixth century, although some believe he lived earlier. If he is sixth century that would make him a contemporary of Confucius in China. He plays an important role in my research because the Verses frequently explain quite clearly the argument I make and supports the other philosophers producing work at about the same period.

There will be much more from Lao Tzu. He is a contemporary philosopher with Confucius.  Plato is writing about mid-fourth century. Solomon was believed to have produced Proverbs at about 950BCE the Veda and Upanishads of ancient India are perhaps older. Stories from everywhere, written in every early language suggesting a thread of common consciousness. A thread leading us to a very different world today, but the principles remain fundamental to our health and well being.

And so I begin to write…