Business of Authorship

01-19-2019 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
First Colony Branch Library
Address: 2121 Austin Pkwy, Sugar Land, TX 77479

In this class I describe and define the “Business of Authoring.” In my short class I define the difference between writing as a hobby and then a profitable business approach. Any business can be defined in nine segments — in the short class I focus mostly on Customer Segment (audience) and Value Proposition (product — book or blog in this case) and the Channels (delivery paths) to deliver these products to the customer base. I can do this class in 40 minutes to an hour.

In a longer class, I can delve more deeply into the Channels (delivery paths) and the critical importance of Platform (the engine of the channels in the authoring business). With the longer class we can get very interactive getting the audience to help create working business models for their products (books or blogs). This could be lots of fun if we have a few participants. We will actually construct some business models to test their product theories. I’ve done shorter versions of this class and the participants usually have lots of fun, and walk away with a new understanding about business modeling, sales channels and platform. All critical for the business.