March 28, 2017

Finding Abundance

Moving to a state of independence is the definition of “liberty.” Independence and liberty create abundance, wealth, happiness, and health. These rewards are referred to often throughout time.

The Golden Rule defines the cooperative state that has come along with us through the ages. Our struggle for knowledge creates a certain sort of liberty. This liberty develops as a freedom that allows us to expand our available free time. The more knowledge we gain, the further we advance. However, this is the paradox of our condition.  Even with our advanced systems of technology, economics, and society, we must still cooperate. That is when the Golden Rule brings us back to our peaceful coexistence with each other.

When our ancestors stuck to a specific set of standards, good things generally happened. This statement applies to both religious or non-religious societies. It works for monotheistic or polytheistic societies too. It appears to be more about the set of standards followed, not a particular religion that keeps a culture moving in a direction of growth and expansion. Although religion can help (or hinder), it is the basic guiding principle of the Golden Rule that seems to matter most.

abundance in pot of money

Finding lots of abundance

Golden Rule as Fundamental Law

I believe the Golden Rule is the fundamental law for us. It is a law so simple in its structure, yet so powerful in its reach and clarity that it has existed through time. It is that simplicity that makes it so difficult. We humans tend to muck things up! The philosophers of old taught various principles. The core values that I collected into my supporting principles: Wisdom, Justice, Moderation, Courage and Discipline. Searching Fundamentals tells part of that story.

The Wisdom + Justice + Moderation + Courage cycle must be run every time a decision is made. It is the way to live the Golden Rule and attract abundance. But without Discipline, we ignore the call of our inner voice to press on towards “righteousness” (right-ful-ness). We may become lazy and apathetic.

It’s easy to cave in to social pressures that cause us to ignore the path of the Golden Rule and its truths. When this happens—and it does to all of us—we allow ourselves to be led about like “sheep to the slaughter.” We can lose sight of the purpose of our existence: Liberty!  When we are focused on liberty, it will not only help us, but the planet. I see “liberty” as an existence in which all people have the authority to pursue their own interests, desires and aspirations as they please, while not harming others in the process.

Motivation Engine

cycling engine

Turning the gears of the supporting principles.

You might call our five supporting principles a motivation tool that helps us execute the Golden Rule with regular success. As a species that is still very much into its ego, or animal self, we function better when we are motivated and have a goal or reward to work towards. All ancient scriptures describe a “reward” to be achieved and quite often this includes some sort of abundance: tranquility; prosperity; family or health, for instance.

There are numerous examples in history that show the support principles bring abundance. The Law of Attraction and the Law of Abundance begin to operate around us with this cycling. The more successfully we apply the Golden Rule, the more abundance flows into our lives. This is the Law of Reciprocity in action. When we have done a good deed, it returns its value ten-fold! Have you heard that before? This is a fundamental law that we can activate by maintaining the proper “cycling” of these supporting principles.

The Dark Side

The Law of Reciprocity works on the dark side, too! A bad deed done has its returns also. The most recent, most perfect, and most obvious example of the failure of this “cycling process” was what happened during WWII under the reign of Adolf Hitler. There can be no better example about the failing of people to stay aligned to the Golden Rule through the supporting principles of wisdom, justice, moderation, courage and discipline than the disastrous decade of Nazi Germany.

Without the supporting principles as a foundation for living, decision-making and action, these sorts of events unfortunately occur. We can have a positive motivation or a negative motivation! We hold the power (wisdom and free will) to create eras of great prosperity. To attain eras of enlightenment and to prevent dark periods of history from occurring. It is entirely our choice!

I have learned that these principles are the touchstone for becoming aligned with the Golden Rule and therefore, the Universe. Learning to live and vibrate within this alignment is a part of the path to finding personal happiness and prosperity. As the doors to the laws of attraction and abundance open before us, we begin to listen more intently to our inner voice and discover what our true passion really is. “Re”-discovering the confidence promoted within the simple little rule—the Golden Rule, is the way to not just open that door to living the Golden Rule, but to walking through it to greater abundance.