October 9, 2015

Continue Having Fundamentals

In our histories there have been great teachers who attempted to describe a way of living that would lead to an individual’s happiness, freedom, passion and prosperity. Every culture has had its teachers and philosophers teaching “the Truth.” Therefore, I have come to call these “Truths” the fundamentals. Each of these individuals taught in their time, language and cultural experience but all were attempting to explain the same end. In my studies I found a quote from Sigmund Freud:

“The truths contained in religious doctrines are after all so distorted and systematically disguised that the mass of humanity cannot recognize them as truth.”

(From The Future of an Illusion, Translated by James Strachey et al., Standard Edition, XXI; London: The Hogarth Press 1961; pp.44-45 – orig. 1927)

Our Current Situation

I believe this quote brings some light to our current situation.

Well what is our “current situation” you might ask?

My answer relates straight back to the Freud quote: “…religious doctrines are after all so distorted and systematically disguised” that we cannot recognize the Truth. We have


Statue of Socrates

received guidance throughout history in a specific language and culture where after some time it became available to all of us to attain, review and understand.

However, looking back to our tribal past we cling to certain aspects of a religion as more important than others. One will be quick to proclaim that “my way is better…” We are of an intellect and level of communication now that we can see the teachings of many cultures. Therefore, merely reading the texts of other teachers or philosophers that, generally speaking,  what is being taught is the same throughout. The fundamental teaching is nearly identical in all the cultures. The message; to Love our neighbors, to be just, to be honest, to be trustworthy, to have integrity, to have systems of reciprocity (good for me; good for you — bad for me; bad for you) and so on and on…

Return to Having Fundamentals


An early manuscript of Pauline Letters

We are far enough along now that we can understand that these principles are relayed to each generation and culture with desire to promote the people to a higher plane. Is that not clear? It is about our individual freedoms and liberties. We have these fundamental truths so that we can learn to respect one another in a compassionate way. Learning to overcome our petty physical belief systems to rise to the higher plane of liberty existence.

Think about it. Supposedly we use less than 10% of our brain capacity. Okay, use it! Generation after generation the philosopher teachers have attempted to explain that if we live our lives according to a certain set of fundamental principles we will be healthy, wealthy and wise! Each of us – will be healthy, wealthy and wise… The same “rules,” “laws,” guidance, teaching, pleading or encouragement has occurred time after time and yet we continue to ignore these systems – the Path – to wander in wild woods repeating the same mistakes over and over and over again.

This isn’t difficult. It is not our purpose to rule over one another.  However, we must take responsibility for our own condition. Live according to a simple set of principles, always realizing that we are striving for a higher standard.