February 23, 2018

Lost Sense of Morals


Having a sense of Justice!

Have we entered a tract to a sense of lost morals? Have we reached a period in our culture where the majority (trying to be nice I suppose) have allowed a minority to dictate how they will practice a religion and when. It seems like we can’t talk about God, so we avoid talking about things that might invoke God, or imply God’s presence. This has lead to a gap in moral teachings. And with political correctness certainly eliminated discussing certain moral issues in our schools with our children.

Because, it seems, to talk about morals implies in some way that God is involved. Morals are the good standards that one lives one’s life by. Some of those standards are “objective truths” ⏤ a thing that is true whether you believe it or not. They are often referred to as natural rights. These do not require a God’s intercession. As we are able from a purely human perspective to understand the value of them.

Our nation was founded on three of the most famous (probably most important) of these natural rights: Life; Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. Who can argue against these? In declaring these natural rights we create a floor for several basic morals—most important among them the prohibition of murder.

Missdirection Away from Morals

The current debates over restricting possession of fire arms because of the latest school shooting is a misdirection away from the fundamental break down of our moral standards—the young man brutally murdered innocent school students—in an attempt by those apparently advocating against our basic morals. Murder is fundamentally wrong, whether it is done with your bare hands, a rock, a stick, a gun, a knife, a car, a plane, a bomb, fire or any other sort of destructive force that might be found for the purpose.

It isn’t wrong because God said so. It’s wrong because we have a fundamental right to live our lives. And in that same vane, we therefore have a fundamental right to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  There are elements of our society who appear to be pushing for a breakdown of our mores, norms and standards! This results in government lording over its people. That’s okay, but God doing so is flawed! How does that make any sense?


Disharmony in the streets!

Choose your weapon: murder is wrong! It’s not the weapons fault! We have taken God out of the schools.  Because of frequent government interventions it is increasingly difficult for parents to discipline their children. We allow verbal assaults on our police officers, and then wonder why they are being murdered in the streets. We have inserted government into every aspect of our lives, disrupted nearly every attempt to have civil discourse about morals and ethics because that too might be offensive to someone—anyone! And then, wonder why or how such things as mass murders occur.

Golden Rule: Reciprocal Law

The Golden Rule sets the moral standard, in this case against murder, without the need for a Supreme overlord’s intercession. State the rule: I don’t want to be murdered; I shouldn’t murder… we have the reciprocal code  with this variation of the Golden Rule. Humans fundamentally understand this law and practice it regularly. However, we are driving social mores and standards into the darkness with our persistent disregard for obvious recognition of basic human rights.

Murder is wrong! It is against the law! That is the issue. It has been against the law since the earliest law codes.   The weapon used is not the problem. This sort of cold blooded murder defines a mentally disturbed individual. However, the wrong being done right now is the extraordinarily obvious lack of discussion about the value of human life, in all it’s forms.

Do we have the courage to fix it?