August 15, 2017

Changing Mental Attitude

Many things in our lives are directly attributable to our mental attitude surrounding that life moment. The story I tell below is one of those moments. Our thinking and decision making create who we are. Yes, our physical attributes play a role, certainly, but the mental attitude we maintain in our lives play the largest role in how things work out for us. We must take responsibility for this. In my first book The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered I speak to this reality.

As you well know by now, that young man who started out with such a thirst for knowledge and for answers has led me to the Golden Rule through a long, and certainly, winding journey. We are the creators of our circumstances—through our intellect, passion, courage and discipline. Stories abound about lives that are changed through a change in thinking. Stop for a minute and consider that last sentence. Can you think of someone in your life who made a mental attitude change that subsequently changed the rest of his or her life?

I have such a story. I’ll not mention names, but as I was getting ready to exit the Army, a really good friend of mine was nearing the end of his career as well. Having dropped out of school and being a terribly poor reader and clueless about math, he decided to be a welder. He began night school to “learn a trade” so he would have a nice, well-paying job after the Army. It wasn’t meant to be, however.

Mental Attitude

Thought Future

Get Me Some “Edumacation!”

When one becomes a professional wielder, one must be able to weld in all positions. A pipe that is round, with a top and bottom, requires lots of awkward positions. One evening in welding class while learning to properly wield all the way around a pipe, my friend found himself in a weird, kinda half upside-down position allowing some slag (the hot metal dropping waste caused by the process of welding) to fall under his protective gear and onto his skin and this caused some pretty nasty burns. That was it! My friend decided right there on the spot that if that was what it took to be a welder, he was going to figure out how get some “edumacation” (his word for education) and find some other work that got him out of the mud! Period!

He changed his life in that moment!

It took lots of tutoring, patience, guidance, effort, discipline, courage, and years of schooling, but today my friend is an Electrical Engineer today. A career that is one of the most math intensive fields one can choose! Today he works for a huge international company. He is traveling the world, assisting companies with solutions in their efforts to modernize and upgrade huge turbines (electrical generators) in really large electrical power plants around the world. An impossible thought for the young man I knew in the Army many years ago.

Fixing Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude

Assisting Hands

All of us can make this sort of mental attitude adjustment and completely change the course of our lives. My friend did it! I did it with my “Apartheid Moment” and my decisions to join the military. In my choices to finish college, getting my degree and writing my book. These are all significant life changing events driven my by confidence, knowledge, tenacity and courage. And even these traits arise out of our mental attitude about our surroundings, goals and aspirations.

These high virtue traits are also important Golden Rule supporting traits. Our lives are driven by our conscious decisions, and they are driven by our internal life successes. With each decision we create a new future. Quite frequently these successes are a result of a decision to cooperate, participate and develop cohesion. Increase the “Truth” light source and brighten the space around you with agape love and truth.