February 14, 2018

Caring Angel: My Golden Rule story by Mollie Ellerkamp

I am always searching for Golden Rule Stories.  Since I began this thought process, Golden Rule stories just seem to be happening right in front of me almost every day now. This one pertains to a caring angel I discovered at the Hospital caring for her parents.

I was waiting for my annual bone density scan at the Hospital Women’s Center. I noticed a young woman who was apparently with her Mom. The elderly woman was very thin and frail.  The elderly woman was wearing a mask to protect her from random germs and could barely walk. It was clear that the younger woman was diligent and loving in her care for the older woman; like a caring angel.  She helped her walk, opened the doors for her, spoke gently to her and helped her navigate the check in process and paperwork.  The technician took the old woman in for her scan. I was sitting with the younger woman in the lobby.

caring angel

My Caring Angel

Just then I got tears in my eyes thinking about all the times (just like this one) that I had with my Mom and Dad when they were in their final years. The struggle and stress of caring for parents when they are ill is very apparent to me now as I observe people. My mom was a true Golden Rule Angel.  She would always strike up conversations with strangers in situations like this.   She always wanted to connect with people she felt were in need of a kind word or helping hand.  That was just who Mom was.

All of a sudden, It was as if I became my mom.

I was compelled to talk with this woman. I said: “Is she your Mom?”  “Mother-in-law” she answered.  I said: “You are so kind to care for her this way.  I have been in the position of caring for parents and I know how hard this is”.  She teared up and said that her In-laws had come for a visit back in May and have not been able to leave yet.

Her Father in law was diagnosed with Leukemia. Now her Mother in Law was in the process of being diagnosed with Cancer as well.  She said:  “My Father in law is just down the hall at the Infusion center now getting his chemo.  When I finish with Mom, we will go collect him and get whatever the next medication is and get them home so they can rest.” What a job it is to care for her In-laws in this manner!

How amazing, we humans are!

Caring Angel

Caring for the elderly.

She told me that she has not had one day since they arrived in May that she has not had one or both of them at the Doctor or in the Hospital.  And these are her in-Laws!  She and her husband have moved them into their own home.  Luckily, they had room for them to stay.   She began right away taking care of them as if they were her own parents.  What a caring angel! Not many  people would be such servants!  I told her I thought she was a true hero to take this responsilibity on.

Do you know what she said?  She said: “Well, I feel as though I am blessed. I have three healthy children.  My husband and I are healthy.  I just want to treat them with the love and care I would hope for if I was in their situation”.  It appears we’ve found another Golden Rule Angel if you ask me.

Needless to say, here we were, two women who were strangers.  Although we didn’t even know each others’ names, but we were hugging and crying in the lobby of the Hospital.  As she left with her Mother in Law, I blessed her and she blessed me back.
That is my Golden Rule Story for today.
Do you have one?