January 19, 2018

Updated WebSite: Check Out “New Reviews” Page

It’s finally up our new “Reviews and Press” Page at my website! As we receive new reviews and press releases they now have a place to reside. I was very excited to see the finished product. Reviews like Clarion’s “Foreword Reviews” which rated “The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered” 4 out of 5 stars!!

New Reviews

Clarion: Foreword Reviews

The Simple Little Rule: The Golden Rule Rediscovered by Mike Ellerkamp crosses boundaries of faith and culture. The Golden Rule is an aphorism that few people would disagree with, even across vastly different ideologies. So why isn’t it the prevailing way people live? That question is the heart of Ellerkamp’s work, leading him to ponder how a person can truly live by the Golden Rule.

The reviewer went on to say:

The book harnesses an open, boundaryless perspective that welcomes humanism and the divine. It balances the simplicity and complexity of the Golden Rule and shows how the practical—what we do—comes from the theoretical—what we think. Ellerkamp’s voice is intelligent, calm, and warm. His book is full of clear reasoning but without a persuasive edge; he allows ideas to speak for themselves, and people to determine their response.

If you’d like to see the full review check out the “Reviews and Press” Page. You will also be able to find the full reviews from Kirkus and BlueInk. Book Reviews

For instance Kirkus felt it might be “a rambling but heartfelt treatise for sowing and reaping happiness.” and “Ellerkamp gives logical reasons why the golden rule … is beneficial fo everyone.” You can see the full review at the website now.

BlueInk noted:

New ReviewsThe book presents age-old advice, but without offering a more compelling or convincing synthesis of this material than past teachers. As such, it’s unlikely to convince the unconverted, or excite believers.

Still the author’s delivery is sincere and accessible, and the book may well serve as a useful reminder to many of the continued relevance of this “simple little rule.” 


Reviews are important

Reviews are really important for an author. We continue to reach out to reviewers to add to this list. I also plan to include some of your reviews on this Page. We won’t be able to provide every one but we will pick out those that make valuable judgements (positive or negative) about my book. I understand that my book will not settle well with some and I’ll gladly respect all your opinions. They help me understand how to improve my writing.

The process of getting a book written, edited, reviewed, printed and on the shelf is long and often frustratingly difficult. But we are here and it has been a completely new character building challenge. But look at me I’m now nearly done with the 60k manuscript for “Developing a Culture of Harmony” Volume II of The Simple Little Rule series.