April 20, 2017

Manufacturing Disharmony 

The paradox of the Golden Rule is that we must start with ourselves first. Looking back to my last blog post I talked about the airplane safety briefing. In that safety briefing we are advised to place the oxygen mask securely over our own nose and mouth first! And then help others who may need assistance.

We stand before the mirror and present something for the mirror to reflect. What is reflecting? Is it ugly?

Let’s go back to the young couple getting married story from last time. They have just confronted grouchy old Mike who hates the thought of marriage and shoos them away with a scowl. What’s he reflecting at that time; not the happy bakery store owner wanting to stay in business very long. The disharmony this incident creates is both sad and obvious. Grumpy old Mike certainly does not deserve the brilliance in business award. Apparently, this is Mike’s only flaw as he is known for his fabulous cakes (not wedding) and pastries. But Mike is the owner of this bakery shop and if he does not want to bake a certain cake—he has the right to make that decision. That should be the end of the story.



What our happy young couple does next, however, may take us straight to the dark side. A wedding is supposed to be a happy loving event, full of love and compassion. So let’s go sue Grumpy Old Mike and get the government to make him bake us a wedding cake. He is showing a prejudice towards married couples, for heaven’s sake. This is wrong. We’ve been wronged! Therefore, we are going to make it right!

There is nothing positive coming out of any of this. Ego has taken charge, the paradox of the Golden Rule strikes again.

Expanding Harmony

I realize that the example I selected above is silly! However, it helps show how silly some of the battles we choose are not going to create an ounce of harmony. We are intelligent, super social beings. We are capable of creating good or bad by our thinking processes. How we handle the kinds of issues that I presented above show what we are presenting to the spirit mirror for reflecting. This paradox presents itself daily. Harmony requires that we develop it in self first before we can attempt to develop it with others. Our happiness and harmony demands this two part process.


United Hand Shake

There is true prejudice; it can’t be helped. Our education, parental guidance, how our peers and work associates display certain prejudice at times all play into the social pressures we experience. Well, ok, that’s life. There are many people to associate with and many to avoid. Seek out the ones that will support you and quit looking for something to be wrong. If you hunt for darkness you will end up in a dark place. That will be your reflection! Look for something to be right. What is right with the world? Look for that. Get there and stay there!

The path we appear to be on is one leading towards greater liberties for individuals. Our purpose should be to increase our personal happiness and prosperity. Each one of us should be striving to fulfill our personal highest achievements. Once our lives are in harmony we may begin to develop it in others. Present your best face to the Universe and its best face will reflect back to you.