July 12, 2015


So last time (See: Finding Thread) I touched on an odd historical occurrence centered on a social belief system, called the Golden Rule. I described how hard it is to explain this occurrence without having some sort of “guiding hand,” and realizing consciousness was key connector.  Another way to explain this phenomenon is to use a term like Universal Consciousness – or God Consciousness. We experience Universal Consciousness in many ways if we pay attention. One profound example is the thing we experience as the “awareness of a stare.” Haven’t you been somewhere and had the feeling that you were being watched and looked up to find a person gazing at you?

Realizing Conscousness

Beautiful Galaxy


I had an experience of this sort (in reverse) some years ago, that I’ll never forget. Having just boarded a plane, heading home, after a fairly intense business meeting. I had taken my seat, on the aisle, and was in deep thought about a part of the meeting that was really troubling me, staring off towards the front of the cabin in the plane.

Suddenly, I realize that the stewardess is looking me in the face asking me what my problem was… I came too; looked at her in total puzzlement, and asked ‘what??’ Then I realized that she had been helping a passenger in the seats in front of me, and thought that I had been staring at her butt. She was somewhat perturbed! But with my “dear-in-the-headlights” response, she realized that I really hadn’t been staring at her at all, and we both laughed, each slightly embarrassed, she apologized and asked if she could assist me with anything…

The amazing part of this story is that although I was not technically staring at her – she “felt” the gaze and it had a profound affect on her. She literally got in my face, brought me out of my thoughts about the meeting, and back into the plane and her presence. Furthermore I have this “stare awareness” experience often. I feel that I’m being watched, look up and “catch” a person looking at me. So, how often have you had this experience?


realizing consciousness

Image of Universe

Obviously, these things happen. We experience them, and usually just move on without a thought. I have come to accept that these sorts of events have meaning and substance for me. They have helped me comprehend Universal Consciousness. We appear to be connected consciously: all of us. This idea is quite well known within Eastern cultures. For instance the Chinese (Confucius and the Tao), and Indian (Buddhist and Hindu) have been writing about higher-level consciousness since writing began. And even Abrahamic religions (Judaeo-Christian-Muslim) all speak of divine intelligence and/or consciousness. There is nothing new with this concept. But as a society, as a people, we tend to deny this truth. If we could release to the concept that there is Universal Consciousness our world would change significantly. Our current generation could lead this paradigm shift. Would you like joining in and being a part of that new experience?