June 1, 2020

The Truth Puzzle

There are subtle connections between the ancient scriptures, the mythologies and the sciences. It became clear to me that a pattern—puzzle-like—was developing in my extensive reading over the years. As a result, I admit that those subtle connections intrigued me to no end. I found myself back in the original hunt from my youth; searching for the truth. The pieces of the puzzle always seemed to rise out of that ubiquitous phrase—the Truth.

However, that thing called “truth,” like a little whisper, was pulling me back to biblical teachings time and again. Trying to get me to understand my empty feeling inside. I continued to search, and as I did, little signs—subtle, obscure connections kept revealing themselves. These seemingly unrelated texts found everywhere kept teasing me. Thankfully, they kept me focused on trying to solve that truth puzzle.

Searching for the Truth

Foto Credit: Alexas_Fotos

Searching for the Truth

I had come full circle, now. This mysterious puzzle based on a two-word phrase: “the Truth” almost haunted me. What is this thing called “the Truth?”

Once I began expanding my reading from strictly Christian doctrine to mythology, Eastern philosophy, and science. Furthermore, with that expanded reading many pieces of the puzzle became apparent. For instance, I found a quote from Sigmund Freud in Joseph Campbell’s book The Hero with a Thousand Faces that was profound for me during that period.

“The truths contained in religious doctrines are after all so distorted and systematically disguised that the mass of humanity cannot recognize them as truth.” (Campbell 1968, vii)

Certainly, I made a stunning find.  The truths are all so distorted and systematically disguised. This quote represented my life search rolled up in one sentence. The Truth, talked about all the time, but what did it mean? What did Freud mean by this statement? I knew it belonged in my lifelong search. Certainly it was a part of the puzzle I was trying to fit together, a “truth” of its own.

What does “truth” mean

Let’s talk about possible meanings for the word truth. A general definition might be: in accord with fact or reality. As the phrase is used in ancient texts and scriptures, the writers speak of the Supreme Reality (God or gods depending on locale and time). Certainly something holding the ultimate meaning and value of existence for them.

I realized through my reading that the ancients never doubted the existence of a Supreme Creator: a God or gods. They wondered, however, about how to personify or define this Supreme Creator. But there was no question about its existence. Furthermore, it was their reality and a fact of their everyday existence. So they spoke of how to align that fact with their reality. This reality was another startling discovery for me. Consequently, I came to understand another piece of my puzzle. This was their truth, which I began to comprehend and accept again.

Escaping the locked box

Most of us are connected to only one religious or spiritual resource (the Bible for Christians, for instance). Therefore, church leaders suggest that we avoid other resources. This happens frequently throughout religious history. However, I was reading whatever inspired me at the moment—Eastern, Western, ancient, and modern. The search became a process for me. I hunted for all the little clues lingering about in writings scattered throughout history.

Searching for the TruthHence, I began to comprehend a pattern to the various teachings. In every case, with each system, in each culture, in every language, the ancients asked us to accept certain principles or tenets as divine truth. A perfect example of attempting to define that Supreme Creator. The philosopher-teachers, from a particular culture and place, were imparting what they understood as divine truths. Incidentally, they were doing so independently of any knowledge of other teachers. Who, by the way, were also, and in some cases simultaneously, teaching their versions of these same tenets. I discovered that these “truths” were remarkably similar throughout history.

Objective Truth

While searching for the truth, it became apparent to me that I was observing what is often referred to as objective truth.  This is an idea meaning that regardless of culture or beliefs some things are true for everyone. This realization supported my belief that a Supreme Creator would inspire systems designed to meet the needs of every creature from the very beginning. The ancient writers were trying to convey this set of principles. Often referred to as the “way” or the “light.”

Thus, I have only recently understood what that meant for me. Namely that God is personal, real, and true. I arrived at this point by discovering that there appears to be a connection within the human population to a broader realm of fellowship. It seems something universal exists beyond the individual teachings from across all religions and regions. Obviously, this is another part of that truth puzzle.

Certainly, it is a thing that is a natural, but nonphysical, part of us—our consciousness. And not just our personal consciousness. But our connected consciousness. Obviously, humans have universal conscious thoughts⏤”love thy neighbor.” And this provided a way for the ancients to come to an understanding of the universal law of reciprocity. Through that understanding they formulated a phrase we call the Golden Rule. As a result they were teaching it within their cultures across the Eastern Hemisphere at about the same point in history.

Discovering Golden Rule while searching for the truth

My moment of discovery of this relationship was truly extraordinary. Most importantly realizing that this was a subtle but very important part of my puzzle. Considering the fact that four or five great teachers all understood the importance of the Golden Rule. At about the same time without having any contact with each other or each other’s culture they taught this principle. Independently they taught this universal principle.

Let’s rediscover the Golden Rule. A Truth principle!