March 23, 2017

A Simple Little Rule

In these past months developing the manuscript for A Simple Little Rule, much has happened since my last post in October 2015. I apologize right up front for the absence. I realized when I went back and looked that the last post “The Perfect Man” was written just about the time that I was diagnosed with prostate cancer while my wife and I were preparing to make a move closer into town.

These two events threw a big wrench into my writing. The writing for the book slowed to a crawl and I had little motivation to blog. I was distracted by all of it more than I care to admit. We completed the move by mid-December. I had a robotic radical prostatectomy in August of 2016 and began the recovery process. At this moment I am happy to say that I am cancer free.

Post Surgery

Healing golden orb energy hands - simple little rule

I dove straight back into the book, struggling to get the thoughts that I collected over a couple of decades into a form that makes sense as a book. That became the bigger focus and my blogging faded totally into the background. Writing a book is simultaneously inspiring and daunting. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. It has been quite the learning experience, indeed. But here we are, finally. The manuscript is at Balboa Press where we are working through our last round of content editing and beginning the development of the cover design. We have taken yet another major step towards the printing presses.

The project morphed into a memoir of my spiritual experiences bringing 30 years of searching for answers to all of those troubling questions of my youth into a motivational story that will hopefully inspire many to see the wisdom of the ages. I have been very much like the paddleball; whack and out I go to the limit of the elastic band and then back again for another whack! That search for inner harmony and peace and whack out I go and then back again to hunt some more. In the writing, we realized that my story really revolved around the Golden Rule or Law of Reciprocity. Within my story, I will tell some history regarding the Golden Rule. You’ll discover how I have truly realized its importance now, as well as how it related to developing cultures of harmony throughout time.

The Journey

Vintage magnifying glass, pocket watch, old book, spay glass, book and goose quill pen lying on an old map in 1565 - simple little rule

I’m very happy that I finally began the journey towards finding that simple little rule. It has been difficult but fulfilling. There have been many setbacks, start-overs and redo’s. The thoughts finally came together and some feel that we have brought the importance of the Golden Rule back to the front stage for a renewed introduction. Don’t you agree that it is time?

It seems we are constantly at each other’s throats. I have watched for a very long time as important people in powerful positions abused that power. Where the people who were capable of making a difference in the cultural dialog chose to divide rather than unite. Leadership is a thing we choose or accept. It requires wisdom, justice, moderation, courage and discipline. Leadership is a Golden Rule thing. It is a reciprocal thing. I knew it was time to get these teachings from the ancient philosophers back into the modern dialog. We are killing ourselves and there is a better way. The philosophers showed us a better way.

Arriving at a Title

Golden question mark book - simple little ruleIt is interesting how we discovered the title. I speak frequently about the Golden Rule. It is an integral part of my consciousness. I see it all around me and kept referring to it as “that simple little rule!” And indeed it is God’s mission/vision statement: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” Perfect, simple, pure absolutely neutral and consistent, clearly stated as “a simple little rule.” Is there a more powerful sentence?

Unfortunately, we have lost track of the importance of its simplicity. This is my goal. Bring it back again. Get it talked about again and the things that rise out of that discussion. Things like integrity, honor, courage, truth, justice and liberty.

We humans tend to want to make everything involved and difficult. Yet the Golden Rule is a single, simple, sentence that is capable of resolving much of the strife in our nation and throughout the world.

This is not me talking. I am repeating the wisdom of the ancient philosophers and teachers. Rehashing the wisdom of the great world leaders and wise councilors of old who understood how to harmonize the societies about them. Sometimes they succeeded and other times they failed, that is the way of life. But we are intelligent creatures and capable of understanding the mission and taking charge of our futures. That is leadership!

I am excited about the book and the next one which I’ve already begun gathering my notes for. It will be dedicated to the concept of developing a culture of harmony based on the principles of the Law of Reciprocity or Golden Rule. It will be more specifically focused on realizing how to take part in sustaining that culture of harmony.

Moving Forward

Moving golden escalator - simple little ruleI’m back and again I apologize for the absence. Going forward I’ll return to the short segments revolving around Golden Rule and its support principles. Also, I’ll begin to pick current events and discuss how we either succeed, moving towards harmony or fail, and move towards disharmony (and show why).

Our goal is to create an environment of peace and harmony around us. In doing that we realize that the laws of attraction and abundance begin working in a beneficial way in our spheres of influence. This is our purpose. This should be our goal in life.