August 17, 2017

Standards of Reasoning: Powering Justice

Standards of ReasoningI realized that I haven’t really covered a phrase I use frequently within my writing and speaking. The Standards of Reasoning grew out of my research for the Supporting Principle Justice. As I was putting the Supporting Principles together I went through forty or fifty virtues in my attempt to understand how I might apply the Golden Rule in my daily life. That pathway guides one straight into the ancients writing philosophies which develop social mores, norms and standards. I noticed that when the Supreme was directing a course of action the writing was almost always neutral and universal. That peaked my interest.

Establishing Supporting Principles

In pursuing the Supporting Principles further, it dawned on me that there are four “standards of reasoning” that are present within the guiding principles. They are: universal, neutral, consistent and transparent. We can see these at work in the Ten Commandments. If you pay attention you should see them at work in the Declaration of Independence.  In addition I’ve discussed the universality and neutrality of the Golden Rule. Most noteworthy, like the other guiding principles, it contains all four of these standards. Let’s look deeper.

“Do to others as you would have done to you.”

Notice that this phrase is the definition of universal, and neutral. Obviously, there is no mention of race, sex or culture of any kind, and yet it still works fairly. The Rule to this day is consistently professed and followed. Any person on the planet can adhere to this standard principle of life towards any other person if we take our animal nature out of the equation. And, it is the definition of transparency because nearly all cultures teach a variation of the Golden Rule and nearly everyone identifies with its premise. It is almost crystalline in its clarity. Here’s a quick review of these four elements.

The Four Standards of Reasoning

  1. Universal: present  the law in a way that demonstrates fairness—what is good for me, is good for you. The Old Testament Bible says straight out “you will be just, fair with weights and balances, in courts, and with neighbors.” This is clear and distinct language, a command and not a pleading.
  2. Neutral: the laws avoid sex, race, culture, language or time.  Universal consciousness is not bound by, affected by, influenced by, or impressed by any of these physical traits. It is our knowledge, understanding and experience (Wisdom) that count. But not our wealth, skin color, sex, height or weight, location, culture, language or time in the universe because none of these exist in Spirit.
  3. Consistent: the laws are consistent. Things change for us. Our world changes, we grow and change, our concept of reality changes, but our standards must be consistent. Not immutable, because we are physical. Because we are physical beings we change. However we must be consistent, uniform and constant over long periods of time, without lots of contradictions (unlike our current law systems).
  4. Transparent: the laws can’t be a secret or hidden.  State the laws clearly stated so that we do not break them unknowingly. Clearly, the ancients wrote about actions taken to produce a congruent, cooperative and cohesive life both individually and communally.

Tracing Examples

Standards of Reasoning

Finding your way!

We can see these four elements clearly within the Ten Commandments. The closest we get to sex or status is “love mother and father.” However, our code is universal in its direction. We might argue that the Old Testament, developed exclusively for the people of Israel. But the Commandments clearly work just as easily to anyone reading them today. Through the centuries and through different cultures, languages and belief systems, the Truths have been told, taught, proclaimed and upheld.

However, eventually ego gets in our way and we turn away from the path. Choosing to wander around in the swamp searching for the proverbial “high ground” while ignoring the compass in our hand that clearly points the way! These represent the obfuscation, distortion and disguised truths that Freud spoke about in the quote I’ve mentioned prior. “The truths contained in religious doctrines are after all so distorted and systematically disguised that the mass of humanity cannot recognize them as truth.”

Most of all we already possess the tools. Just look down at that compass, which way does it say to go? Go there! Stay on mission! Remain on the path! Adhere to the way of Truth. Imagine a future where we learn to cooperate with our fellows and create a cohesive harmony for all individuals.