August 8, 2017


For a most of my life I’ve been writing. Journals mostly. I collected thoughts and ideas about what was going on in my daily existence. These writings were somewhat random, with little discipline about subject or purpose. If you have followed this blog at all you’ll understand my “Apartheid Moment” and how that life changing event inspired a much more determined search for “Truth” literature. You can find some of that story here… Once I discovered the Axial Age literature professing Golden Rule phrases around the globe my research and writing became much more focused. I began writing for fun.

Really it is the search that inspires me. I really enjoy puzzles. The Truth literature hunt has become my most fascinating puzzle ever! And so I spend much of my time reading all sorts of literature, old and new, spiritual and non, science, business, philosophy and sociology, and religions of all sorts. All around the globe, I hunt for the thread that speaks to creating congruence or harmony in one’s life. But the harmony created in each individual envelops the persons adjacent to him or her in a positive way also. A truth principle: One doesn’t light a candle and then put it under a pot, you set it on a stand to light the room. Our principle here, we increase the intensity of our (light) source and brighten the entire room.

Writing Fun


I find it all leads to one conclusion when taken all together. We appear to be on a path to a determinable future if we stick to certain simple standards. All the religions maintain the standard teaching philosophy. But that only makes sense, right? If there is a Supreme wouldn’t there be a teaching pattern for us? My research brought that to life for me.

Writing Fun

Quill and old list

When I got to a point that I understood the standard, presented as the Golden Rule, and began to piece together how that would enhance my personal harmony. I became more excited about explaining the process to others. Then there was the experience of the last couple of decades where our society appears to be catching fire; I felt it was time to broaden the audience.

And so, for me it is the hunt for the “Truth” literature to inspire my life in a way that I might bring these principles back to the fore. I write for the fun of expressing these critical principles. My goal is to bring conscious thought processes into today’s social media platform. I’d like to create some dialog regarding current morals as they relate to the Golden Rule.


I have found that so many see the Golden Rule as lovey–dovey, everything is cool, peace out stuff. Really it isn’t that at all. We are to live our lives to the fullest extent we are capable. Seeking harmony and prosperity (doesn’t have to be the monetary kind, but what’s wrong with that) along the way. And then expect the same of our neighbors. We need to get back to this mentality before we give away our hard won freedoms. I enjoy writing about how we can maintain the greatest experience know in history, while teaching others how to reach the same status.

Yes, hunting for the Truth: Writing for the fun of it…